McCann to lead Open cooperation

McCann to lead Open cooperation

Phillip McCann will spearhead the British Open challenge of the cooperation band. 

It marks a first musical partnership between the pair, and follows the band’s immediate return to Symphony Hall following their 2018 relegation from the contest. That was secured in impressive fashion at the recent Grand Shield contest where they came runner-up. 


Speaking after his appointment Phillip said: “I’m delighted by the invitation to conduct the band at the British Open. Being Scottish, working with this great band will add an extra emotional dimension. 

They have a wonderful history but such an exciting future and are a superb ensemble of musicians which includes such talented soloists.”

On reflecting on the test-piece, ‘Dynasty’ written by Peter Graham he added: “On a personal note, as a youthful teenager having Harry Mortimer as my mentor means that I am sure Peter’s test-piece will be a memorable one. My ‘simple’ quest is to make that music flow from the page.”

A spokeman for the cooperation band said

“We are now looking forward to working with Phillip and are well aware of the commitment, drive and enthusiasm he will bring to rehearsals with the cooperation band”

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